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Australia China Trade & Investment 2014 Issue


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Australia China Trade & Investment

Australia China: Trade & Investment is a vital platform for both China and Australia. It’s an impartial and independent base upon which we can build a sustainable, healthy and profitable future.

With trade and dialogue between Australia and China at record levels, it is important for all of us to ensure that the bilateral relationship has effective means of communication. And that relationship has so much more potential than the much-quoted paradigm of China’s continuing strong economic and population growth, dovetailing with Australia’s resources.

There are innumerable innovative opportunities for Australian and Chinese businesses to create lasting and highly valuable commercial partnerships.

Roxby Media’s expertise in multi-media platforms means it has a profound understanding of communication. And communication is two-way. Through its bilingual template and by maintaining dynamic content, all parties benefit continually with Australia China: Trade & Investment.

Richlink Capital Pty Ltd (Australia) provides investment advisory services to ultra-high net worth (UHNW) Chinese. It promotes and facilitates investment in Australian property and private Australian companies that have global export potential.

The Australian office will provide a link for Chinese clients seeking investment opportunities and advice in Australia. Richlink in association with, The Beijing Fortune Club and not-for-profit International Family Office Association, will continue to provide education and networking and detailed case studies to UHNW, in the Asian region via conferences and university lectures to guide the newly emerging ultra-wealthy in matters of family wealth management, family constitutions, legacy, philanthropy and many other relevant issues.

Backed by a group of strong strategic shareholders, Richlink is growing into a pre-eminent and highly regarded investment firms of China/Australia investment, with six offices in China, Hong Kong and now Sydney. Richlink primarily makes private equity investments across fast-growing sectors such as select manufacturing, internet commerce, technology, agriculture and property. Richlink is also a strongly emerging financial advisory firm in China, providing financial services to ultra-high net worth individuals in a nation that, as yet, has limited pension and superannuation investment industries.

Australia China: Trade & Investment is a great and unique opportunity to further enrich the engagement with UHNW Chinese. It acts as a portal for information, a focus for investment ideas, and as a catalyst for potential funding of leading research, innovation and business development. I trust you will find it useful, informative and inspiring.

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