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Australia China: Celebrating 40 Years

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About Australia China: Beyond Tomorrow

"The 40th anniversary of our diplomatic ties presents a wonderful opportunity to broaden and deepen our bilateral relationship" - Julia Gillard

This year, (2012, the Year of the Dragon) marks the 40th anniversary of diplomatic relations between Australia and China. In these years we have witnessed China’s extraordinary economic growth, and also the growth and deepening of Australia's bilateral relationship with China.

China has become Australia’s biggest trading partner in the past 40 years, now replacing Australia’s traditional economic partners, such as the United States and Japan. Two-way trade between the China and Australia exceeded $100 billion, with the balance of trade heavily favouring Australia.

2012 gives us the opportunity to reflect on this shared history, and also to look forward to the future, continuing to work actively with our Chinese colleagues and counterparts to ensure that the relationship remains strong and productive on both sides.

Australia China: Beyond Tomorrow is an initiative of Roxby Media and the Australia China Business Council, the premier organisation in Australia dedicated exclusively to Australia’s relationship with China. Now in the second of the series, the 2012 Business edition focuses on this strengthening bilateral relationship, with industry specific focus, inculding mining, clean technology, food and agriculture, tourism, health, professional services and migration. Supporting this is an Education publication, and a Research publication, with in-depth focus on these areas within the Australia China relationship.

The three magazines will be published in both English and Simplified Chinese, and are supported by networking events and business briefings. 

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